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project due — autumn 2015


unknown installation in hoogtij #39 exhibition



Installation ‘unknown’ is a reflection on indication of time imprinted in space, an incongruous intimacy between anonymous inhabitants. It is an insight how interpreting traces of a former figures form certain knowledge-an illusion of others, ...



Installation. Positive film/zenit-e/filmograph. [un]known is a photo projection installation based on importance of knowledge about experiences of others related to a specific place. Film is a story of one house, a story of absence-a walk ...


feeling nature

experimental installation focused on haptic experience


office space

I was interested in the impact of an office space as place where majority of day to day life is spent and relationship between manufacturing and managing processes-translating company’s identity, the philosophy of production, into ...


rainproof symposium

Rainproof is an annual one day event about water management organized by Waternet. In year 2013 they asked Gerrit Rietveld Academie to make it into experience with a goal to translate theme of human-rain relationship to ...


urban design proposal for Zuid-as

In the Green Capital Course, students of the second year Architectural Design were asked for their view on the concept of their teachers Harry Kerssen and David Veldhoen, and to develop their own plan on ...


make a forest

Make a Forest, a global organization, contacted Henri Snel as head of the Architectural Design department of the Rietveld Academie for a collaborative art and design project on initiative of the United Nations. Boudewijn Rosman, ...


dancing wall

Installation by Architectural Design department for Uncut 2011 exhibition. Exhibition was held in Brakke Grond arts center, Amsterdam. Two day event when every department of Gerrit Rietveld Academie gets and opportunity to represent itself withing the given ...

3D - Copy (6)

bar project

interior project of leisure/meeting space for Design Bridge Amsterdam’s office was a result of extensive collaboration with internal team within the company


my personal floating device

thinking about doing nothing


in-betweeners movie installation

exploring differences of change in political models in Lithuania in early nineties through public media, specifically children cartoons