• urban design proposal for Zuid-as

    In the Green Capital Course, students of the second year Architectural Design were asked for their view on the concept of their teachers Harry Kerssen and David Veldhoen, and to develop their own plan on the basis of their vision: how can the unique collection of the VU Hortus be saved while more prominently integrated in the Zuidas developments. In collaboration with Aisha Fouad and Anne Klooster, we took this assignment as a chance to voice our opinion about future of architecture. We formed Logic City Movement and started designing by writing a manifesto. This time a fundamental change has taken place from the monologue of both government and designers into a direct dialogue with citizens. The Logic City Movement stands for inter-connectivity, multi-functional building and green space, adapting new economical and ecological principles. Our approach is to locally stimulate generated energy and to involve existing social and educational structures in order to benefit the commercial and residential Zuidas as a whole. A concept that seems logical but usually is not logical in the reality of urban design. Project was exhibited at Kunstvlaai 2012 and Vu Hortus june, 2013.