• make a forest

    Make a Forest, a global organization, contacted Henri Snel as head of the Architectural Design department of the Rietveld Academie for a collaborative art and design project on initiative of the United Nations. Boudewijn Rosman, a former teacher from the department offered his renovated gallery in Finsterwolde. The gallery got closed in 2003, and this exhibition on the 13th of October 2011 was the re-opening. ‘Gallery in a Forest in a Gallery’. The original idea – to have the exhibition in the forest and to bring the forest inside the gallery – had to be interpreted in a creative manner, as the weather did not allow an exhibition in the open air. This is how the idea of a ‘gallery-in-the-forest-in-gallery was born. A friendly neighbor donated as much bricks as needed. A mini replica of the gallery was built, on the exact scale of 1:5. Cut down trees from the forest nearby were taken and fixed around the mini-gallery. The trunks were placed with a severe density, so the forest forces decide the path for the visitor. This way the forest has power of the humans, and not the other way around. Inside the min-gallery there is a mini-exhibition with miniature drawings that show the working process of the 4 day project.